Saturday, May 8, 2010

Giverny! Claude Monet's home, his gardens and his studios.. what an honor to stand in the rooms where he created his masterpieces. To take in all he saw, even a century later it is inspiring. His gardens are beautifully designed, exquisite in their simplicity and exciting in its colors. When he organized the garden space it was a brilliant plan, more than a century later it still "works". During the beginning he had 4 full time gardeners to help him plant and care for the grounds, I only saw four today but surely there are many more to maintain this masterpiece!

Off to La Mont St.Michele tomorrow, wish us luck that's a lot of climbing.

And if you are, thanks for reading


  1. Fantastic! Thank you for sharing with us. xx

  2. Oh my gosh Linda...just as beautiful as it can be. Your right, an honor it would be to stand in those rooms imagining him painting. I am not jealous...just sooo thankful you have had this opportunity.