Thursday, June 10, 2010

Heating Montegut

Photos of the original fireplace. I can almost stand up in the opening, it was used for cooking and to heat the house, in the beginning. We even found the original long handled pan used for making omelette's. There is no damper, affording a clear and wide view of the sky. Nice view, but bad for keeping a fire lit in the rain. The heavy cast iron plate at the back of the fireplace helped deflect heat into the room.

It is currently used in the winter for heat (no other heat source!). Although, the chimney is damaged so the draw is weak, it is still in use everyday in the winter months. There are now 4 fireplaces in the house but only one is used. There are 2 chimneys, one on either end of the house, the tops of both have been damaged over the years and are now below the roof top which causes a weak draw. When the large section of roof tiles over the hayloft is replaced the chimneys will be built back up another 20 inches or so, and a cap will be added to prevent rain from entering and will improve the draw.

Because it is REALLY cold in the winter.

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