Thursday, September 16, 2010

It has been two weeks since our arrival. I am writing like a madwoman to get everything documented, but internet access is very limited on this trip, I am sorry not to have posted the high points.

Here is a quick run-down:
1. old tile was stripped from the roof
2. new wood was added to account for the difference in tile size
3. weather has been very accommodating
4. a few problems were encountered and solved - whew!
5. canned tomato sauce with Georgette
6. prepared plums to can with Claire
7. met two very interesting English couples... hi David and Ida
8. struggled with the bank again today... long story no end in sight!
9. found a new chateau
10.observed a movie scene being shot in Bassouse
11. took me ONE FULL DAY to wash 3 loads of clothes, that is one very tiny machine
12. slowing down a little now that some major problems, at home and here are being solved..
13. found some interesting antiques... photos to follow!
14. shopping for bathroom tile this afternoon

Must run, promise to post more later.

And if you have, thanks for reading.

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