Monday, September 20, 2010

We took full advantage of the opportunity to sleep late, against the theory that missed sleep can be ever be reclaimed. We are awake and ready to go by mid-morning!

We are invited to J-Pierre and Odile’s home for lunch. We are happy to be included in the celebration luncheon of J-P’s mother, Helene 90th birthday. Georgette is also invited and we always enjoy her company.

We arrive at nearly noon. Helene is beaming as she stands over a small sample of her tomato and green bean crop from her small garden, all the guests will take home several days bounty.

The meal begins with pate on small toast rounds, a sliver of cornichon a delicious and lively flavor combination.

For our second course we feast on a beautiful shell fish terrine of remarkable flavor, garnished with fresh tomato and onion slices with finished with lemon and parsley. The presentation is exquisite but the flavor is beyond description. A culinary work of art.

Next a colorful plate of local melon with whisper thin slices of jambon (ham), this is a little bite of heaven.

Each course seems better than the last when the main course of new potatoes and grilled lamb and beef kabobs are cooked as the conversation slides easily from weather to family to travel to gardening. When we finish feasting on the tasty kabobs we are presented with an array of cheeses that are all tempting and in the end quite satisfying. Dessert tonight is a Pruneau Gateau, moist and rich the perfect end to a relaxing Sunday afternoon meal with family.

J-P and Odile live only 4 miles from Bassoues, in the charming village of Montesquiou. The church sits high and the steeple is visible from many miles, biscuit colored stone houses trickle down steep curved streets of cobblestone. This is one of the prettiest little villages in the area. The road sweeps past beautiful and carefully landscaped gardens and most tourists motor past on their way to view larger churches and abbeys. Each village in this area has its’ own unique personality, Montesquiou possesses its own quiet charm. There are hanging baskets thick with bright red geraniums, trailing ivy and vivid begonias, these cornucopias depict summers bounty and offer an inviting and personal gesture from village. A sweet invitation to explore further into the life of this village.

And if you have, thanks for reading

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