Saturday, April 27, 2013


Our cousin Georgette plants and maintains an exuberant garden each year. She has a several long time neighbors who help each other with the big jobs, plowing, pruning, preparing foie gras, butchering farm animals. They share in the work and the bounty.

I was invited to join Georgette and new friend Clair to prepare the garden tomatoes for canning.

I arrived at Moumoulous about 11 am.

Chairs, knives, buckets of piping hot water to wash and loosen the peels. And of course tomatoes. Lots and lots of tomatoes!

The hot water works quickly and so we must, too!

We work under the shade of  the Mulberry tree. Each tomato is peeled and cored. There are buckets and tubs of tomatoes waiting just out of view of the camera. 

But wait... there's lunch to prepare and enjoy! And you guessed it, the menu includes Tomatoes, lots of them!

Clair sliced tomatoes added green onion chiffonade and finely minced fresh garlic. 

Chopped parsley


A dash of vinegar and olive oil. 

Tomatoes au gratin!


Oven roasted Chanterelles!

And of course the cheese course 

Stay tuned for rest of the tomato story.

And if you have, thanks for reading...

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