Saturday, April 20, 2013


Near Bassoues the fields are a shock of color. The color winds like a river around the sycamore and cypress lined creeks and the oak covered hills.

The flower heads follow the sun throughout the day gathering strength. We call them Sunflowers the French say Tournesols (turn to the sun)


We pull off the road, park the car and take a closer look, at first glace they all appear the same.

As we walk between the rows we notice each flower is unique. One flower per stalk, each near the same height and near the same color, but...

Each just slightly different.

Flatter or darker or...

Smaller petals

There's always a comedian in the crowd!

A real stand-out.

A bumble bee stops by


and if you have, thanks for reading...

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  1. How wonderful to be walking amidst a field of beautiful golden tournesols .... I'm sure it made your heart sing. A beautiful post Linda.

    "All Things French"