Saturday, July 20, 2013

...Are we there yet? Pt III

It looks pretty bad. But really, it's nothing compared to...


On a sunny day the new plaster doesn't take long to dry. 

On each wall the problem areas were identified and repaired before adding the finish coat to all the walls.

It is finally time to plaster! Because the room is so large it will take a couple of days to dry before the sanding can begin.

The ceiling is divided into three sections. The largest beams run the width of the room and hold the joists which in turn hold the tongue & groove oak boards. Each section took nearly a full day to prepare.

The ceiling was scraped, wire-brushed and hand sanded. We used a small hand broom to dust the surfaces before the plaster was applied to the walls. Plaster was used filled lots of the crevices and cracks where the ceiling meets the wall, but we weren't striving for a perfectly flat surface, well finished would suffice.

In some areas the paint held tight but in other areas it seemed to only be held up by spider webs! There were several sections of the tongue & groove that had been damaged and needed repair. 

The doors into the bedroom had been painted a few decades ago, luckily only one side. We attempted to strip the paint but had no luck. Two coats of paint later and those doors looked stunning. 

Little by little the primer coat covered the walls and then the ceiling.

We could finally see that light at the end of the tunnel! We laugh now when we think about the angst of choosing " the perfect color". We had paint chips, color books, pages from magazines, fabric swatches and yet, when it came down to the final decision we chose... White!

Yep, it sure is White. Can you believe we paid to have it "mixed"? 

The intersection of ceiling and wall got a little extra dab of paint here and there.

And if you have, thanks for reading...


  1. What a romantic story...and a beautiful house. Good luck from New Zealand with all the renovations.

  2. Hi Bonnie and thanks for stopping by Montegut. Tons of work but quite rewarding! I have a few more photos to wrap up this project so come back in a few days - Linda