Sunday, July 21, 2013

It's finished! Pt III

Come in and take a look at the finished bedroom.

A few finishing touches, we applied a clear sealer to the hardwood planks. It was one of the most dramatic changes to the room... well that and patching the deep holes!

We found a large mirror at a local Brocante, a perfect fit over the mantel. We know the mantel is Cherrywood and the mirror frame appears to be a match. 

We also found a cast-iron plaque to fit in the fireplace. We are discussing adding a layer of tile to the inside and bottom of the fireplace, we are still searching for the right tile.

Barry found this chandelier at the local Brocante,  this may or may not be it's final home. In the lower left corner of this photo you can catch a glimpse of a beautiful armoire we purchased from a neighbor. Michel was selling his late mothers home and invited us over to see if there were any pieces of furniture we wanted to purchase... it took two trips to bring everything home!

I fell in love with this elegant chair and matching ottoman at a Brocante in Vic en Fresenac. I removed the linen upholstery sections to use as a pattern. I'll re-draft the pattern to recover both the chair and ottoman when we return. I was told it is in the style of Napoleon III? 

The exterior shutters are closed so are visible in this photo the color is as stunning inside as it is outside.

We moved the beds to the east wall to have a little sitting area in front of the fireplace. The beds are 120cm and 140cm, respectively. The smaller of the two beds got a new box spring and mattress before we left. 

The room is really a "Blank Slate" at this point, although I have upholstery  fabric chosen for these chairs and other furniture in the Loft. I will make quilts for these beds as well as take some of my smaller quilts to display on the walls.

As usual the work was more than we planned, but the outcome more than compensated. We are already looking forward to the next project!

There are still 3 additional bedrooms, bathroom, utility room and wine cave, dining room, enormous foyer and kitchen to renovate, oh and then there is the exterior....

Thanks for following our progress. I love reading your comments, so please leave a note when you stop by.

And if you have, thanks for reading...


  1. So much work and wow, it was worth it. The room is beautiful now.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog today. you are a noreply-comment so I couldn't respond to you.

  2. What a glorious challenge Linda! And in such a beautiful part of he world. Well done and Carry on!!

  3. Beautiful!! Living in the Gers is my dream!! I'll just have to settle for frequent visits for now. Good luck to you. Looking forward to reading your futur updates.