Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sometimes it's the simple things...

How exciting is the installation of a Septic Fosse?  Well, for us it is pretty darn exciting! We have been planning this for years and happy it is finally finished.
That cement tank is about 4 inches thick with steel reinforcement bars, capacity is about 1000 gallons. It was filled about to the half way point with water. A big storm was forecast and we didn't want the tank to float up out of the hole. And did we ever get a storm!

While the tank was filling with water it was time to dig for the filter/leach field.

And then it rained, and rained some more!

We got a LOT of rain. But the gravel and stone didn't seem to mind at all. The progress was delayed several days while the standing water in the holes was pumped out.

  Once the earth was dry enough to handle the weight of the equipment work proceeded quickly.

Marvelous Marcel covered the area with the top soil he had so carefully removed on day one. He tidied up the area and drove his front loader-back hoe home.

That's one more project finished and crossed off the list. 
But wait, we just now have to add "landscape kitchen garden" to our list... oh dear!

And if you have thanks for reading.

Au revior


Saturday, June 21, 2014

We're in pretty deep now!

Beginning of day 2. The hole that will hold the concrete tank continues to grow deeper and deeper. By the way all the rich topsoil was scooped off and placed in a neat pile to be replaced, now that's one thing I would not of considered.

This photo was taken from an upstairs bedroom a great vantage point, don't you think?  It began to sprinkle but the work continued it would take lots of rain to stop this project.

And if you have thanks for reading.

Au revoir

Friday, June 20, 2014

Fosse Septic

Certainly not the most exciting part of the renovation but necessary. We knew from the beginning we must upgrade the septic system including relocation. There were several opinions in fact every contractor had a different idea of the scope of the work; method, location, time and/or cost. One major problem was we wanted to be in Montegut during the process. We found a local contractor who suggested the garden just outside the kitchen. He showed us the plan - Simple straightforward.  He was experienced, had all the equipment and the best part... he could begin ANYTIME!

8 rose bushes were relocated from the kitchen garden to a sunny spot near the shade garden.

And one large Hibiscus tree found a new home.

Now to get to the task at hand.

By the end of the first day there were major changes in this garden and more to come. More digging a LOT more digging!

And if you have thanks for reading.
Au revoir

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Things get really dirty.

When we purchased Montegut a new Fosse Septic was required. Fast forward a few years and finally this spring it is finished! Through another American ex-pat couple we met a local contractor who not only had the expertise but the equipment and time to do the work. I was fascinated by the work, he handled that monster machine like it was a teaspoon, such precision.

First is a BEFORE of the small garden off the kitchen. It was full of rose bushes (8) and hibiscus (too many to count).

It all happened so fast!

Identify what we want to transplant.

Dig a trench then fill with soil enriched with compost and stand ready to replant!

He scooped them out gently and  we planted them quickly.

In their new home... plenty of sun for encouragement a lots of water to ease the transition. Within two weeks they all had new leaves - the surgery was a success doctor, I think the patients will survive!

Lots more to come as the project fosse continues.

And if you have thanks for reading.

Au revoir

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Welcome to Montegut!
 The roses put on their best.
 The Lilac bushes were barely able to hold up their branches.

And the Wisteria directing us into the courtyard made us feel very welcome indeed!