Thursday, June 19, 2014

Things get really dirty.

When we purchased Montegut a new Fosse Septic was required. Fast forward a few years and finally this spring it is finished! Through another American ex-pat couple we met a local contractor who not only had the expertise but the equipment and time to do the work. I was fascinated by the work, he handled that monster machine like it was a teaspoon, such precision.

First is a BEFORE of the small garden off the kitchen. It was full of rose bushes (8) and hibiscus (too many to count).

It all happened so fast!

Identify what we want to transplant.

Dig a trench then fill with soil enriched with compost and stand ready to replant!

He scooped them out gently and  we planted them quickly.

In their new home... plenty of sun for encouragement a lots of water to ease the transition. Within two weeks they all had new leaves - the surgery was a success doctor, I think the patients will survive!

Lots more to come as the project fosse continues.

And if you have thanks for reading.

Au revoir

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