Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Antin Jardin

Early this spring a cousin and I visited a local garden near Antin. A delightful family from Holland purchased the property many years ago and have painstakingly created a beautiful garden. They open it once a year to the public and needless to say the locals come in droves. The design is completely natural using the slopes and creek and existing trees to define sections. This small vignette has an old plow in the middle and looks surprisingly like a crane, wings spread ready for flight.

Quite different from manicured gardens in California this garden looks like people live here and enjoy it on a daily basis. Found objects are used to delineate spaces, chairs and benches welcome the visitor to relax and contemplate nature.

 I loved the use of old roof tiles to create this edge of a walkway. It is the perfect solution in one of my own gardens. Don't be surprised to see roof tiles in a future post!
There are no poisons used to discourage vegetation in unwanted spots. A hoe a trowel or a hour or two after a good rain and weeds are under control.

Near the above ground pool the tiles were used to stabilize that slope, to maintain it the gardeners incorporated plants with deep roots.

This is a long view of their vegetable garden with companion plants and flowers.

They have transformed a outbuilding into a hot house where they propagate all their plants.

One of my favorite areas was full of roses and other aromatics.

Next is a peek of a living arbor. Amazing! Eucalyptus saplings are being trained into a high arch to support roses.

The roses were propagated from a single cutting. And to bring the story full circle the cutting came from the same cousin with whom I toured the garden!

And if you have thanks for reading.

Au revior

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