Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Shade Garden

 So much has happened in this new space and yet there is much more work scheduled. Here we used old roof times to outline the pathway from the courtyard into the garden.  The roses we transplanted from the kitchen garden septic project are doing quite well and showing new leaves and blooms. The wood chips hide the weed-cloth and hopefully the weeds will cooperate.

The path is a generous 1 metre wide - or about 44 inches. A white landscape cloth will cover the pathway and topped with gravel. We have selected the color - a mix of soft pale colors in cream, tan and yellow.

That enormous roll of hay in this photo will be used to mulch around the plants. Hopefully this will help keep some of the most vigorous weeds from getting another toe-hold.

That patch of white is shards of thin cement broken and used as "fill", it came from the roofing material on the hutches. This is where one bank of the rabbit house stood. This small space will be leveled and also covered in the same gravel.
You can see the outline of the path leading off to the left where we will place a small table and a chair or two. A little private corner for reading or just contemplating the garden.

Or maybe a park bench or lounge chair what do you think? In the center is a red rose that is either a rambler or a climber I haven't figured it out yet. The wisteria is along the fence and is blooming for the second time since April! Gotta love it's enthusiasm. We used large stones to create a border and filled it with one layer of the hay mulch. To help you orientate - that corner of the barn faces South.

This is a long view looking of the same corner. At the foreground is a small bench made from "found" materials - gotta love a farm!
The un-planted area is still being planned. I would love to hear about your ideas for this area feel free to leave a comment. Currently it gets dappled sun until about 2pm then some sun,

Little bench on the lower left, hay mulch and stone border. We trimmed back all the bushes and plants and they are rewarding us with new leaves. It was a solid mass, no distinction between the trees or bushes.

I just love this little bench! We've had rain nearly every afternoon since the hay mulch was laid I'll have to see if it is time to add another layer.

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