Friday, September 5, 2014

Shade Garden Update

Before I show you the finished shade garden here are a few photos as a reminder of our starting point.
There were two banks of rabbits hutches that sat in the area for decades.

 The rabbits were protected from predators and shielded from seasonal temperatures. You may be able to glimpse the second structure behind the right edge of the pen in the foreground.
Below is a closer view.

It may not be evident in these photos but the soil, even in this area, is naturally fertile. After many decades of housing rabbits it is easy to imagine how well our new plants will thrive.

Section by section the cages were dismantled and loaded onto the truck. I was not at all sorry to see them leave. 

Our friend and contractor took a few minutes to dig the area where several rose bushes would be re-planted. He was also kind enough to scoop up those roses from the kitchen garden where the septic fosse was being excavated. Full service? You bet!

More help to get the roses in the ground as soon as possible, our friend Jeremie was my hero,

Broken cement tiles filled in the swale where the second bank of rabbit cages sat. Terracotta roof tile delineates the pathway for the reclaimed space.

Barry and Jeremie cleaned out the second story of the barn and rescued several pieces of very old very hard oak and one slab became this rustic bench. The bench measures about 2 x 5 ft and 3 inches thick

Sunflowers define one side of the garden entry, Nicotania on the opposite side. A thick layer of new gravel is layered over GeoTex it promises to discourage weeds from growing (jury is still out for this year).

Roses are thriving as are the Hydrangeas, Impatiens and Calendulas. As the pathway curves into the heart of the area we have added annuals along the edging.

The hay I thought would make such a terrific mulch might be a better topping if the chickens weren't so curious.

You may not recognize the foreground as the former rabbit hutch location. A deep layer of gravel and it looks like it has been like this for years, well almost.

We're ready for family and friends! 

Finished just in time for the Family Fete.

About 51 family members came to Montegut this year. This was the perfect spot to begin the celebration. It was sincerely flattering to hear how much they enjoyed the shade garden. It is, after all, Maison de Familie!

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