Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Simple Formula

On any given weekend you can find us searching for interesting and intriguing pieces for sale at local Vide Greniers. Some call it Garage Sales, Flea Market or Empty the Attic and residents come out in droves to set up tables loaded with their unused but still useful (to someone) items. From furniture, lamps, baskets, espresso cups to baby clothes to hunting equipment, it's all there!

And if you've ever been to one you know that it is also very likely that half of those items for sale are totally and completely useless to you! So it is with us, but once in awhile we are rewarded with an unusual find that fits our criteria. 

If we find it beautiful or useful or we simply love it we'll find a way to put it to use! A simple formula that comes in very handy when it is time to make a decision to buy or not to buy.

This Grape Pickers basket is probably from the 30's or 40's and is in remarkable condition as are the woven canvas straps. We have hung it from the coat rack in the upstairs hall, we get to look at it several times a day... we love it.

 This is a milk bottle carrier, it is galvanized steel and built to last. We found some very old wine bottles and use it as a door stop.

The door up to the loft is heavy and often swings closed by itself, this is just the right height.

Here are the steps up the the loft. We are still designing a safety rail and the Confit pots remind us to watch our step.

The bathroom is quite small but efficient. Here is a very old solid oak ladder we found in an unused area of the barn. The rotted ends were trimmed and after a thorough scrubbing it was coated with a couple of coats of water resistant wood stain.

Early in the renovation project we found this antique marble topped oak table. Originally used in the bedroom, a water bowl and pitcher were placed here for "washing up". We plumbed a modern sink into it and topped it with a large mirror. The two small drawers and shelves come in handy.

This chandelier was found in a small second-hand store and surprisingly had all of it's crystal parts. In this tiny space we had to find useful pieces but were lucky enough to also find beauty, too.

and if you have, thanks for reading...                                               Linda

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  1. Linda, your photos as well as remodel using garage sale 'finds' are remarkable.