Saturday, May 2, 2015

Le Marche en Vic en Bigorre

One of the largest weekly markets is located in Vic en Bigorre, about 20 minutes from Montegut. Today's market was well attended as usual. Since the weather has been mild residents are planning for flower gardens and window boxes, not to mention vegetable gardens. The market had something of everyone.

I think perhaps these poulet are ready for le pot! This breed is familiar around Montegut, probably good layers? But without feathers on their neck they look slightly bedraggled.


The white chickens were beautiful, the bit of black fringe really was striking.

This Artisan Bread table was a sight to behold. The baker gave me thumbs-up to take photos but he was busy answering questions and cutting samples. It was quite popular

Looks like he got up early to make enough product for the market. Extra large rounds to purchase by the kilogram.

Small loaves, seeded and traditional breads.

Baguettes! I think the AB on the sign means they are made with organic flour (ble).

Baskets were mounded high and crates were full at the beginning of the morning. But by the time we arrived there were still plenty of choices. The loaves below were full of seeds and nuts.

A basket of farm fresh eggs, cartons available for you to use and return next week! The eggs are not  sorted by size because you get the size the chicken lays... so at the market you get to choose what you like!

These onions were dug up just this morning, that is just as fresh as you can find! For only 6 Euros you will get about 30 onions - to replant or eat.

Small lettuce red leaf or green leaf and romaine, ready to plant.

Petit Pois - Peas in the pod, fresh and crisp. This mound of peas were gone within 10 minutes of this photo.

About 36 varieties of Olives!

A large table of at least 6 different kinds of homemade Nougat

The chocolate with blanched almonds looked heavenly.

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  1. Barry stopped bye our place in Cambria and gave us a card and invited us to check out your blog. Having one foot in France, and one in Cambria must keep you busy. Enjoyed the photos and the interesting comments you made about the local food market. Have Barry post some photos of his car. Look forward to any comments you might have on French wine vs. California wines.

    Don & Kathy
    Cambria Neighbors