Friday, January 1, 2016

Nearly finished with the Salon!

Barry has developed quite a successful technique for plastering. This is the 4th large room he has completed, not to mention the 30 foot high stairwell and it all looks great! 

What a difference a thin coat of plaster makes! The plastering was done on all 4 walls in just 3 days, then we waited a couple of days to make sure it was thoroughly dry prior to sanding.

But I don't want you to think it miraculously went from bad to good while we slept! The entire process is dirty and dusty from beginning to end, with a hefty dose of wet and sloppy.

Once the plaster dries the surface has to be sanded. Barry has tried both hand sanding and an orbital sander, so far the orbital sander produces the surface finish we like the best. But not without its problems!

I set up 2 oscillating fans in a feeble attempt to direct the plaster dust OUT the windows rather than into the other rooms. During this experiment a neighbor stopped for a visit and thought the house was on fire as it looked like smoke billowing out the windows. The dust won another round, finding its way into every room!

Now the primer coat of paint is applied! So fresh and clean, we love it and can't wait to move furniture into our new salon!

The window frames and this side of the doors can wait just a little longer.

And if you have thanks for reading!

Au revior

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