Friday, January 1, 2016

Next Up; Windows and Doors!

The last bit of work to complete the salon would be to paint the window frames and interior side of the doors. At this point we decided to complete the re-do of the window at the upstairs landing.

The glass panes were in fair condition but the glazing compound was dry and crumbly. After sanding, replacing the glaze and priming the frames they were ready to paint! (Check the number of panes in this window - 4!)

We were feeling closer to a finished salon. 

Paint stations were set up and we were motivated to see the room completely finished!

Next came the interior side of the doors, we had attempted to remove the heavy oil based paint from the interior doors of the other bedroom upstairs with no luck. So again we opted to lightly sand the surface and apply a coat of paint.

When you see a man with a paint brush in each hand you have seen a Pro!

The temperature spiked (hence the shorts and bare feet!) which made the paint feel thicker and dry very fast. Day two found us beginning work much earlier in the morning.

Check back soon for the finished room photos.

And if you have thanks for reading.

Au revior!

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