Saturday, January 2, 2016

Our new Salon!

It is FINISHED! And we love this space. It's bright and clean with plenty of gathering room for friends and family. 

We have already enjoyed visits from Paul and Barbara then Tom and Tanya from California and Idaho respectively - so when will you book your trip? We are eagerly anticipating visits from 3 sets of friends in 2016. 

While Barry was plastering and painting I experimented with re-upholstering the canopy (sofa) you see below. Using stripes no less, not at all the best choice for a beginner! My next post will chronicle this and other upholstery challenges.

We moved the rugs from other rooms into the salon. Here are two Voltaire chairs, named for the famous author who - as the story is repeated- sat in this style chair as he wrote. I haven't tried it yet but perhaps I'll see if my writing improves.

We were invited to a private estate sale where we found the chairs as well as the sofa (above) and a few other pieces. The velvet on the chairs seem to be in good condition so I only had to polish the wood and vacuum the cushions.

We moved the table and chairs close to the windows to use as a multi-purpose table, so far it has been a dining table, game table and no-host bar!

You can also catch a glimpse of the armoire set in the alcove the to left of the fireplace. It was a perfect fit.

Say hello to our new coffee table, another of our "The Great Estate Sale Finds".... 1 euro! Serious cleaning and light sanding then a few coats of stain and our little pine and fir trunk now sporting bun feet becomes a member of the "family"

I particularly love the juxtaposition of formal furniture pieces with a bit of the unexpected element added - but it must be useful! This piece certainly fits that category.

This antique canopy was part of our estate find and it was love at first sight. We both walked into the room together and immediately went to this piece and sat down. At exactly the same time we both said "We'll take it!" Not that it was comfortable -it wasn't but that could be fixed, right? - but it was unique and the wood frame was gorgeous.

Several years ago we packed yards and yards of upholstery fabric and it has been perfect for many of our projects.

A slip-covered love seat completes the space. But naturally the room is a work in progress so stay tuned for changes!

And if you have thanks for reading

Au revoir!

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