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"Rocamadour is a small clifftop village in south-central France. It is known for the Cité Réligieuse complex of religious buildings, accessed via the Grand Escalier staircase. It includes the Chapelle Notre-Dame, with its Black Madonna statue, and the Romanesque-Gothic Basilique Saint-Sauveur."

One of the most popular tourist spots and well deserved of the accolades! 

The story of Saint-Amadour, whose relics were said to be found in the village was a hermit who sought solitude in Rocamadour.

From the top of the rampart Rocamador literally defies gravity and present day engineering! The little village is built, layer upon layer, into and on the stone face of the Alzou canyon. From the small parking area at the top it is approximately 150 meters down a pathway of switch-backs to the church. 

Attached to the castle, which is now privately owned, this viewing area is open to the public (2 euro) and offers remarkable 180 degree views.

A peek over the walkway into the courtyard of the castle.

Difficult at times to see where the building begins and the rock ends.

 As early as the 12th century pilgrims trekked to Rocamadour to visit this religious site. On their way to the chapel they offered a prayer at each step.

Here is the famous "Black Madonna" in the tiny chapel it is displayed simply. Hauntingly beautiful the chapel definitely emanates a sense of peace and awe.

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