Sunday, November 27, 2016

Horse Cart to Flower Cart

We drove past this horse cart for a couple of weeks contemplating the purchase.... was it too kitschy for the courtyard? And did we really want or need another project and finally how would we even get it home?

Once we were able to determine the price, which took lots of pantomime along with our limited language skills the decision was clear. The horse cart would be fabulous in the courtyard! Now the dilemma would be how do we move the cart the 2 km to Montegut.

Enter ex-pat friend and neighbor Ray Brown and his utility trailer. He and Barry worked through several options and with only one trip they were successful in delivering the cart undamaged.
The next task was to stabilize all the parts and pieces.  The schakle that connects the spring to the body of the cart was straightend and it looked (almost) as good as new!
Once cleaned and reconstructed all the wood received a anti-bore beetle spray and then a coat of water proofing sealer.

Jeremie helped move and assemble the cart inside the stone circle.  He is always ready and eager to work. Wish we could clone him!

Cart is in place and needed just a little touch up stain to highlight the details. We were able to find a few pieces of an old cart used in Montegut as early as the late 1880's. The wooden seat, side lanterns and buggy shafts had been stored in the barn, it was serendipitous to see them in use again.

Now it really shines! What do you think?

I had been proprogating flower seeds in anticipation of filling the garden with color for the summer. Luckily there was plenty for the garden and the cart. 

Now the fun begins, planting is my favorite part. Geraniums, Green and Purple Potato vines, Cosmos, Morning Glory, Vinca, Cone Flower, Nasturtium, Lobelia and Alyssum plus a few Zinnias and Snap Dragons, here and there. 

We are thrilled with the results. The cart filled with flowers is another way to welcome family and friends to Montegut.

Pots and trays filled with a wide variety of flowers in place and now with just the right amount of sun and water that old cart has a new life filled with color.

Can't wait to fill the cart with color again next spring.

And if you have, thanks for reading.

Au Revoir, Linda

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