Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Adding a Bit of Charm to the Kitchen

We stumbled across a heavy-duty table top at a nearby estate sale.  Leaning against the barn wall, no legs but the surface was in excellent condition, we realized immediately it was just what we needed in the kitchen. 

Barry added sturdy legs sanded the stained the wood, after several coats of a water proofing it became the counter space that was desperately needed. 

Well that all happened at the end of our trip in 2016.

This summer I made simple curtains to hide the clothes washer, dishwasher and the clothes dryer from view. 

Three sections hung on separate expandable rods across the front, with one panel to cover the side. Easy Pea-sy. Zig-zag raw edges, turned the top edge to create a pocket for the rod to slip through, the bottom hem was "dressed up" with two rows of stitching. As simple as that!!

                        Probably the easiest fix, so far, for this old farmhouse renovation. 

And if you have, thanks for reading.

Au revoir!

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